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Hi there! Welcome to my blog, Fearlessly In Faith! My goal for this blog is to pair two of my greatest loves, Jesus and writing, in order to speak truth, encouragement, and love into the lives of others. But first, let’s be friends… here’s a snapshot of my story!

My name is Brittany, and I am a 20 year old college student, studying Marketing & Professional Writing. I have lived in the great state of Arizona my entire life, and fall in love with it more and more each year I live here. Despite being a student, I spend most of my time working at a coffee shop or leading Young Life!

I always like to say my coming to Jesus story is a bit unique and different, but don’t we each have a unique and different story about how we fell in love with the maker of our heart? That’s what I love about faith: it looks different to each one of us, but yet we are all redeemed and striving towards the same goal. It is so beautifully diverse, yet unifying.

I grew up in the Catholic Church, but attended a K-12 Christian School for my entire life. Around the fourth grade, I began to identify a rift between the things I was learning at church and the things I was learning at school. As I grew older and began to learn more about Jesus, I sifted through the different “truths” I had been taught my whole life. I had to sort out the real truths from deceptively convincing lies, and learn what religion vs. a relationship with Him looks like. (See post: Relationship > Religion). Because of this, my faith felt different from most of my peers who had been “church kids” their whole lives… I always felt like my understanding of faith in Jesus was slightly different.

After attending a school retreat at the beginning of my junior year of high school, I realized that my faith was dry, and I wanted to do something about it. One of my best friends encouraged me to start leading Wyldlife (Young Life for middle school), and I felt both a peace and excitement about it. My YoungLife story is another long one that I will detail in a later post, but leading YoungLife has been the single most transformative experience I have gone through in my faith, and has brought me closer to Christ than anything else in my life ever has. I have learned what it looks like to lead & love others well in a community of believers, and through that process, have learned to love myself while falling deeper in love with Jesus. YoungLife is a significant part of my life and my faith, and I would truly be a different person without it.

The core of what I believe about God is that He works through people. When I read about the life of Jesus and look at His vision for ministry, I see two things: intentional relationships and humble servitude. How amazing is it that when we live fearlessly in faith of the promise of JESUS, that we are invited to take a part in building His kingdom? We are called to make an eternal impact!

I believe that faith in Jesus changes hearts from the inside out, and there is nothing more beautiful than watching a heart light on fire for Christ. Jesus’s gift of salvation costs us NOTHING- He died and rose again defeating death- allowing us to live freely from sin, instead of enslaved by works. However, I believe that a heart that truly understands this overwhelming love cannot help but respond, and responds by loving others. I believe that there is no better way to demonstrate the love Jesus showed for us then by loving those who He created- relentlessly, selflessly, and fearlessly. Loving others like this often takes courage, but I believe there is not a more fulfilling way to live life.

I hope this blog encourages you, challenges you, and ultimately, helps you to grow in your faith. You are LOVED, you are VALUED, and you have a PURPOSE. Don’t ever forget that.

<3, Britt



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